147 Jeff Bradford – Bradford Group – Part 2

Listen to Part 2 of The Daily Drive podcast with Jeff Bradford, the CEO of Bradford Group.


An excerpt from: bradfordgroup.com

 In 2000, Jeff Bradford and Gina Gallup opened the Bradford Group,
a marketing agency designed to do two things: 1) combine traditional and digital marketing tactics, and 2) approach marketing through public relations instead of advertising. 

Here’s how we put it in our original business plan: “Unlike typical web shops or Internet boutiques, which are primarily programming/design firms, the Bradford Group integrates these technical skills with marketing planning – so that new media are used effectively to meet client objectives. Unlike traditional advertising and PR agencies, we place equal emphasis on traditional and new media – and are equally proficient in both.”

This combination of traditional and digital marketing was one of two legs of our brand of marketing. The other was approaching marketing through the lens of public relations, instead of advertising.

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